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Transparent Image has dark background when printed?

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I removed the background from a logo in Paint.net and then placed the logo into a publication I was working on. When printed as a PDF the transparent background has a dark hue that shows up, does it have something to do with flattening? I don't know and am very much a newbie at this and help would be greatly appreciated. I am also thinking of buying Adobe Illustrator but can Paint.net essentially do all the same things? Only for designing flyers and such?? Thanks!

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Paint.NET and Illustrator are nothing like each other. Paint.NET is a raster graphics editor- its professional analogue is Photoshop; Illustrator is a vector graphics editor- its free analogue is Inkscape. I'd recommend trying that program before deciding whether or not to buy Illustrator.

As for your dark background -- in the file, use the Dropper tool to select a color in the transparent area (checkerboard pattern) of the flattened image. Then click "more" in the Colors Window. If the Colors Window does not show an Alpha value equal to 0, then yes, it will print some of the image.


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Thanks for the info about Inkscape! I tried using your suggested method for the transparency issue, it made the background lighter but you can still see a dark shade box around the logo. I had read that flattening an image would resolve it or using CMYK versus RGB was an issue, not sure but the color has alpha value of 0, and I still see a shaded box around the logo when it prints from pdf it doesn't show up when I print from anything else...

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