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How do you change certain colours and text in a JPEG image?

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I play an online game and i come up with a good majority of media, however one guy who plays this game made some media and he has now stopped playing, I basically need to alter and make new versions of this media :

http://images43.fotki.com/v1382/photos/ ... nia-vi.jpg

There are different versions of this image, with different text names, and different colour backgrounds of the cross

Is there anyway to alter the colour of the cross without changing the colour of the whole image, and is there anyway to change the text near the top of the image?

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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indeed there is a way to do both these things.

The text can be erased and replaced with different text simply by using the clone tool.

The color of the cross can also be changed. You will want to render it, and then look into either curves, hue/saturation, or conditional saturation.

Conditional saturation is a plugin that can be found by searching.

Hope this helps.


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