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I need a new "colour" for my paint bucket

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Though I browsed this forum pretty thoroughly, I don't think there was something relating to my request.

I am playing Sims2, or better: I am recolouring clothing, objects and such for the Sims2. So far, paint.net has been the best tool for this.

However, now I am confronted with a recolouring tutorial based on Jasc Paint Shop Pro, which I don't own and don't plan to purchase. In this tutorial, a new background pattern is created which can be added by using the paint bucket. This, however, would also be a good addition to the colour-replacing tool in Paint.net ...

Unfortunately, I cannot add pictures here, otherwise I would be able to make myself clearer (English is not my mother-tongue).

Is it generally possible to add a pattern to the colour-palette which can be used with paint-bucket and/or recolouring-tool?

I am working with version 2.63

Thanks for helping me!



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This does sound good, however, I cannot find a way to add a filling style to the given ones. For the time being, I tried to get things done by means of the cloning stamp, which worked out pretty fine, though not completely satisfying.



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