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pasting abnormal shaped images

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Hello everyone,

i keep having problems when i paste an image that is an abnormal shape or a round shape. whenever i do this i end up with a square white background of the image if you get what i mean.

in the old MSpaint there was a couple of icons on the left when you had a selection that would remove the white from the image and make it transperant.

any help here would be great if you can understand what i am saying


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You could post the irregular shape on a new layer, not the background layer. Then delete the background layer, and the white will disappear, replaced by grey checkers. Those grey checkers indicate transparency, so if you save in a format that supports transparency, those areas will be transparent, not white.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your answer.

I hope this feature is included in the next version though.

It is a lot longer to erase the background and not always as precise as the feature in Paint (unless there is something I don't do right).

I have to say that I love the program though. :wink:

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