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Help!!! effects tile textures for games please help

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Hello my name is Bruno Gorostiaga. I do coding and mainly particle efects for Battlefield 2. I,m working on an amazing particle effects pack that i,m thinking on giving to a good mod like Forgotten Hope or project Reality. BUT... i REALLY need some help on making new textures. I always had this huge dilemma on making tile animated textures with many frames (like for example a 64 8x8 frame explotion texture), but i dont know how to place them in that order. I do have a few amazing new custom textures that i,m using but now i have another problem. Looks like Bf2 effects textures have to be small compared to the size of the borders of the textures. If for example you have a round smoke puff texture, the puff has to be small and right in the middle cause if it gets close to the border the engine crops part of the texture making it look kinda like a square. So if anyone can please tell me how to grab a 8x8 64 frame texture and make every frame smaller without changing the size of the texture ill REALLY apreciate it. I hope i explained myself properly. Also if someone can tell me how to put a bunch of frames in order in one single texture file (from top left to bottom right) ill find it REALLY useful. Thank you SO much in advance and i hope somebody can help me. PD: With a little bit of help i can make my mod public and believe me...you WILL enyoy it, it just make Bf2 look so much better and adds a great atmosphere. Thanks Brunogg

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if you have your 64 frame texture already made, such as a smoke puff, which I assume is just a series of cloud like textures which get larger and smaller as the frames progress, and if the clouds are on a transparent background, then it should just be a simple use of the Feather plugin, with "True Feather" enabled, which would shrink each puff slightly.

If you could post a sample image, it would help immensely. I've used the same types of textures in Second Life to simulate a .gif animation.

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OMG thank you so much for helping me i will post the image of the texture so u have an idea, i want to make every frame smaller , its an amazing explotion texture.

Itried the feather plugin thing u said and it works great but is there any way to accualy make them smaller without touching the shape of them anyhow?

I also would like to know how to place them in that order when i,ve got the frames, so i can simply create my own.

Here is the file and thanks a lot again.


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