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Can't open my pdn file


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The link you provided is not a pdn file but an image file. The image loads in the web brower. You should of put up the pdn file of your image for download. However I can already see what the problem is. The size of that image is very big and is more then likely to big for your PDN to load. I am guessing your on a 32-bit OS.

Geez over 10 mins and this image is still loading up on my screen. 2711x3903 in size

You saved it as a png with pdn at the end of the name. Change it back to png and the image is fine.

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Thx for the hint

But I'm also supposing than this is more a size issue than a extension issue.

If I edit the file, it starts with :

ÿØÿà JFIF  H H  ÿágÒExif  II*         "      @   	   P             Z      b  (     ð1    j  2    z         i‡      ’    Ž  ¤        ¤      ð¤     @@¤    –  ¤    $   ¤        ¤       ¤        	¤      ð
¤        ¥Ä |   ž  ÆD  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA  DYNAX 5D  ºn  è  ºn  è  Paint.NET v3.31 2008:10:30 12:41:30

Or if I save a png file, it always starts with


So, is there a limit to a .pdn image size or number of layers ?

Thx again !

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I'm guessing you added the ".PDN" extension yourself in Paint.NET while the "Save file as type" box was set on PNG. Adding periods to your file names messes them up. Don't do it. Just let Paint.NET itself do the extension work. :-) And leave periods out.


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