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Ctrl+Alt+V unreliable on app startup


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Hi, there is a problem with the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V that I had for a long time I think. To reproduce:

  1. Copy an image into the clipboard (I just do a screenshot)
  2. Start Paint.NET
  3. While it starts, spam Ctrl+Alt+V
    Most of the time it gets into an error state where it stops registering the shortcut. The menu item still works though.
  4. Switch to a different tool
    Now the shortcut will work again.

I always thought it somehow clears the clipboard if you press the hotkey too fast while the app is starting. But it just doesn't register the shortcut.

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@sflick I agree that the behaviour is as you describe, i.e. if you press Ctrl+Alt+V too quickly, before paint.net has fully started up, the Paste into New Image does not happen and it prevents subsequent presses of Ctrl+Alt+V from working.




1. You don't need to 'spam'  Ctrl+Alt+V to make this happen.  Pressing it just once, at the wrong time during start up is sufficient to cause the problem.


2. It's not switching to a different tool that makes Ctrl+Alt+V work again; just clicking once on the canvas, the canvas background, or anywhere on the paint.net UI and then pressing Ctrl+Alt+V will work.  So it seems as though it's a window focus problem.



Note also that the problem is not specific to Ctrl+Alt+V. Pressing any shortcut key during startup will prevent all shortcuts from working.


For example, press Ctrl+A during startup and you'll now find that Ctrl+Alt+V doesn't work, nor does Ctrl+A work, or the Tools shortcuts S, M, P, B, etc


The reason that this is rather infuriating is that when the too-early key press is made, it looks as though paint.net has fully started; the UI is displayed, the canvas background and initial white image is displayed. The user has no way of knowing that paint.net is still not quite ready to accept keypresses.

I repeatedly run into this problem when running my AutoHotkey script that copies an image from IrfanView, starts paint.net and Ctrl+Alt+V Pastes into New Image. I have to add a large delay in the script to ensure that paint.net is ready before doing the paste.


It would be great if @Rick Brewster could raise a bug report to investigate this please, to ensure that the initial keypress is not ignored - or at least to ensure that pressing a key too early does not prevent acceptance of subsequent keypresses.




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