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I am new to using this program I have an animated gif file that has a rotating diamond. The background is black and I need the background color changed to match my site color so only the diamond is seen. I am trying to change from black canvas to #003366

I have been working on this for 2 days about 9 hours. Is there anyone who can help me with this please.

Am I able to make it so the background color of black just doesnt show up?

Thanks, Bruce

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Hello bformhals.

The only way to change the background of an animated GIF in Paint.NET is to change said background for each frame individually. As you know, an animation is made up of multiple frames sequenced into the one file. You will have to dismantle it, edit each one, save each frame, then reconstruct it.

Paint.NET will only be able to edit each frame for you, it cannot break it apart nor assemble it again - this is not an animation program.

There are other, small, free applications designed to dismantle and reassemble GIFs. For example GIFWorks.com will break apart the animation into its components (File dropdown > Open Image; then Optimise dropdown > Spilt into Frames), and UnFREEz to assemble the edited files.

Hope this helps you.

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