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Trying to create a Mariner's Compass for my website

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Hello, I'm trying to create a nice looking compass for my website. I don't know how to really start creating from scratch. Any ideas would be appreciated. Here is an example of what the compass looks like. compass-large.jpg

I was hoping to create something cooler that this, but quickly got stuck.

Thank you,


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Try using geometry. Look at the image, do you see the patterns?



The complete image will be more complex than this but the angles for everything isn't hard to find out. Just use the Line/Curve Tool to draw over the compass and (while the mouse button is still held down) look to the status bar. This will tell you the offset, angle, and length of the line. To get the squares on the correct angles use Rotate/Zoom (Menu>Layers>Rotate/Zoom or Ctrl+Shift+Z). Remember/learn to use layers.

I hope that helps and good luck!

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