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Printed Image Size

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I love the app and the cost is reasonable.  Users, please donate........often.


I cannot seem to find a path that results in a printed copy that is the actual size of the image on the screen.  It seems there are only discrete selectable sizes like "Fit picture to Frame" and, say 5" x 7" or 4" x 6", etc.   


Hopefully, there's a way to force the actual 100% size but I can't find one.



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You can't do that with the printing software that Paint.net uses, which is Window's "Print Pictures" dialog.

It is not a part of Paint.net. There are other image editing programs which have vastly superior

printing abilities, such as IrfanView, FastStone Image Editor, even Microsoft's own Paint. Also,

Microsoft Word can resize images for printing, if you happen to have that installed.

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As @kreemoweet advises, it's best to use another application for printing.

Here's a post showing IrfanView's printing capabilities:

And here's a post showing a streamlined way (using AutoHotkey) to instantly view the current paint.net image in Irfanview, from where it can be printed; just press F9 to view, then Ctrl+P to print:


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