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Paint.net kudos

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I've been using Paint.Net for years at this point, and recently I found myself editing a massive 8000x2000 image with like 20 layers and Paint.net didn't even break a sweat. I found myself making massively complex area selections and Paint.net didn't even chug. I just wanted to take some time to complement Mr. Brewster on making this amazing software. I remember a time when I was scared to work on any image bigger than 2048x2048 because my computer just couldn't handle it. But now, my god, this thing just handles the business, and I am impressed.


For reference, I've got

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700X

MB: MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon

Cooler NH-D15 SE-AM4

RAM: 4x Kingston 8GB DDR4-2666


DD: LSI 9260-8I RAID[3x Kingston SA400 480GB, 2x WD4005 4TB]

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You know the place.

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