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working on two images at the same time

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Occasionally I work on two images at the same time.  For some reason my Paint.net hates this.  I clicked on my second image today and worked on it. When I went back to the first image it was totally messed up and i couldn't even do a redo or backup on the file to get to the place where I was before working on the second image for some reason. Paint.net just wouldn't undo.   Everything i did on the second image was done also to the first image. The thing is I was doing one image (the second) to merge with the first.  The bad thing was both had different colors and text fonts, and sizes. So that was a wash. I don't understand how this happened. I wasn't even working on the first image I was working on the second. You can't work on two different images and not have them messed up?

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This happens to me sometimes. I have to click back and forth at the top where your projects are a few times, and scroll up and down the layer window to make sure it's loaded properly. 

I might also have to hover over the task bar icon to click the proper project to make sure it loads. 


Once the program reminds itself there are multiple things open you can carry on as normal. 


I don't know what causes this, but it might be having too many things open at once or for a long period of time. Perhaps the VRAM was getting over loaded. TBH I'm not sure! 

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