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Plug in for Text Formation 3D & multiple choice textures

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I downloaded over a year ago a plugin for effects, / text formation 3D that allowed  multiple chose textures like Chrome,Diamnon,Hammered cenment,wood, and so on. Well something happened to my PC and I lost many of my favorites plugins, like dragon effect, Smooth blur, Trs Fireworks and a few others. Some I have re-dounloaded. but this text formation one I cannot find. and I believe when I first saw it here BoltBait was saying this was a really good & must have plugin. He sold me on it and He was 100% correct. It is a very good  & used a lot  plugin by me. So if anyone here knows where I can find it please let me know. Sadly I cannot recall it name sake or the maker, I am wondering if BoltBait is the designer.? I really gotta have this plugin back into my Paint.net. Thanks Paint.Net .


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