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How much of a plugin must be public?


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How much parts of a plugin needs to be public? Like, what needs to be public so paint.net can see it from the assembly?
As in:
SaveConfigWidget: public or can be internal?
SaveConfigToken: public or can be internal?
IPluginSupportInfo: public or can be internal?
IFileTypeFactory: public or can be internal?
FileType: public or can be internal?

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IFileTypeFactory , FileType ,Ā IPluginSupportInfo constructors must be public, classes can be internal. But I would leave classes as public too, just to make sure Paint.NET is able to create instances of these if its plugin loading logic changes in the future for some reason. Why are we developing these plugins if Paint.NET won't be able to see them, right?Ā šŸ˜€


I haven't used SaveConfig* classes so far but SaveConfigWidget is a user control and its instance created by you on OnCreateSaveConfigWidgetT method, not by Paint.NET. So, I assume, it can be public/private/internal. Same for SaveConfigToken, it's instance created by you onĀ OnCreateDefaultSaveConfigTokenT, not by Paint.NET.

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