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Auto slice image

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I have a application which will not support transparent icon images, so I need to draw the images over the background in a painting app (that does support transparent icons, like this) and then cut the icon out of that image with the background included. I need to do this for 2 different icons, the on and off state of the button.


This seem able to be done but seems a very fiddly time consuming ask, dreading it! lol


Are there any tools to aid this process? like defining how you want the image sliced? 


So the process would be;

  1. paste background.
  2. paste icons.
  3. arrange icons (not by hand, so on/off line up)
  4. Apply slide up


That's just as example. I don't really  know how to do this best so hoping for an expert to advise best workflow to save a lot of time. I need to do lots of these!! :/



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Hi @gizzer. Typically you are using layers to do this.

- Create a new image (which starts with one layer).

- Paste the background image to this layer

- Open the layers window and add a new layer. This layer will be the selected layer.

- Paste your icon to this layer. (You may skip the previous step because you can paste to a new layer)

- Flatten the limage. Means the layers are merged to one single layer.

- Save the result.

The flatten step may not be required because image formats like png or jpeg will do this for you on save.

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I sort of get that part. The trickier bit for me is then to easily get the new icons back from the image.

For example;


I could paste these buttons on so the transparency worked. but once done, can I crease some kind of template to cut the buttons back out without manually cutting each? I's like to be able to just slot a different background layer in, and just cut all the same buttons out again?


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