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More line properties....

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I didn't look completely through the forum so I don't know if this has been asked in the past...nor do I know if this would be considered in a true drawing tools pallete, but...

Is there any possbility of adding the ability to put arrowheads or other types of line terminators as a feature? I have been doing a lot of editing with this program lately at work and I have to throw in rough dimensions on some of the edits (similar to CAD dimensioning) so it would be very helpful to be able to quickly add arrowheads or other terminators to either or both ends of a line.

An additional 2 cents: I never was much good at Photoshop but I have to say this is the hands-down best "simplified" version of any editing program I have tried! Learning to use the tools here will make it immensely easier to transition to the "higher end" programs....if I ever have a need to use one. Great program, and thanks to the team that supports it!

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