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Paint.NET used to serve web images

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I am just a student working with C# a lot.

Because i am good at programming but not at design i decided to automate as much as i can the graphics creation.

A software as a service was my best idea and i was thinking to use a flexible graphic engine.

GDI+ is good but still need a lot of code to make it work as i want.

I decided to use the Paint.NET graphic engine. The graphics are created in Paint.NET with layers, saved as .pdn files then from C# code change some parameters (like text, color, font) and call Paint.NET engine to render the results.


It was a long story because i needed to learn a lot about Paint.NET core and automate all those things.

But i'm quite happy with the results. Some of you may not like the graphics but i think they are great.

To be fair enough i will tell you that some of graphics are generated with WPF, but some of them use pure Paint.NET libraries.

This is not spam. I decided to post here because i was thinking is fair to let others know how i use Paint.NET code.

If you want to see the website visit http://www.coolrgb.com

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