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Multicolored outline?

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I was wondering if there was a way to have a multi-colored outline like the picture I provided. I really like the look of this type of outline but I have no clue how to achieve that look! I don't know if there is a plugin I can use or if there is a certain method that I just haven't figured out but either way I would love to know how to do this!Learn How To Create A Retro 3D Text Effect - 123RF

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The sample you gave had multiple things done to it to achieve this. Its not the work of one single plugin. I suspect this was done on vector.


First you work on an all-transparent layer and put the font there. The dark shadows inside the letters were lines drawn on top with the line tool on an upper layer then merged with the layer of the main font layer. 


The white outline is easy. You can use Object>>Outline Object for that.

The box looking body of the font can be achieved by Object>>Trail. You have to duplicate the font layer and apply Trail and recolor it using the Paint Bucket. Move this trail layer at the bottom. The darker parts at the bottom also were drawn by lines of a dark color, made into a parallelogram and filled inside with the same dark color. Everything is again merged into one layer.

Magic wand used to select empty space on the canvass, CTRl+I, invert selection. Create new layer and fill the selected area with a dark color. Use the Move tool to move it slightly to the lower right and move this layer at the bottom of the font layer.



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