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help with moving pixels

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I have anti aliased image where to the left and right of pixels there is a blur between orange and grey. So if I have a 3 pixels wide 4 pixels high chunk of grey with a 1 by 4 chunk of grey-orange to the left and right of it, how can I make paint.net replace all the grey-orange pixels to the left of it with grey and all the ones to the right with orange?

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Converting gray-orange pixels to gray is as easy as selecting them and making them grayscale (Adjustments -> Black and White).

Coverting gray-orange pixels to orange is craftier. You can select the image and invert selection so whatever you do doesn't affect the image, then set your brush color to orange and paint over the intermediate pixels. You can then soften the hard edge you just created by changing to gray, lowering opacity, and using the edge of the brush to make edge pixels gray (to keep some anti-aliasing). If you don't want anti-aliasing, even easier.

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Figured out what was intended.
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