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During a frustrating run of having to swap and replace 20+ colors and potentially more in the future to give my pixel art a better look and feel, I made a plugin that allows you to swap and change colors though typing them in a list. The plugin also has the ability to manipulate annoying alpha colors that plugins sometimes generate. Setting alpha to 255 reveals all of those ugly alpha leftovers! There is also the option of using an incremental palette, which clamps RGB colors to increments of a value. Useful for limiting colors to a known value that you can manipulate easier such as feeding those values back to the list to be changed again or for converting images to be processed for pixel art with various other plugins.

Can be found in Effects -> Color -> Replace Colors + Palette
This does not replace selective palette plugins or color reducing plugins as this is different from those.



Using certain increment counts will give a good visual style to your images. It will not work well with artifacts and graininess as you can see from these images. Pixelart is the best choice if you want to make use of this feature to its fullest.


The incremental palette clamps colors to an increment of a value. For example, using 50 will transform 54 to 50 and 165 to 150. This is the simplest way to convert an image to a simple palette which also gives you some room to manipulate colors more. Be sure to use a color picker program in case you want to change the colors created from it.




--black becomes 10 10 10
0,0,0=10,10,10 --uses commas and no spaces

--20 20 20 becomes black
20 20 20=0 0 0 --spaces instead of commas

--you can keep going affecting colors as you go

Proper Regex was used in the text window to allow you to change one color to another. You can use spaces, no spaces, or commas to your liking. If you have to use multiple lists to change colors I recommend using a text editor to manage them then copy and paste what you want. Using a large list of too many color changes may cause slowdowns.

Replace Colors + Palette.dll

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Reworded everything to explain more
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