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  1. During a frustrating run of having to swap and replace 20+ colors and potentially more in the future to give my pixel art a better look and feel, I made a plugin that allows you to swap and change colors though typing them in a list. Not only that, the plugin has the ability to manipulate annoying alpha colors that plugins sometimes generate which leaves patterns when alpha is set to 255. There is also the option of using an incremental palette, which clamps RGB colors to increments of a value. Useful for limiting colors to a known value that you can manipulate easier such as feeding those values back to the list to be changed again or for converting images to be processed for pixel art with various other plugins. Can be found in Effects -> Color -> Replace Colors + Palette This does not replace selective palette plugins or color reducing plugins as this is different from those. I recommend using a color picker program if you have trouble getting colors to change. (I would love to have the ultimate plugin pack specifically to make pixel art easier. Color cycling, dither brush, shading, procedural terrain generation, almost like DB's TOOLBOX V1.4 (GrafX2) which contains over 200 scripts. It would be cool if those were ported over, but I never get my hopes up for that.) Replace Colors + Palette.dll