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paint.net 3.35 wont install (PANIC)!!


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A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\Documents and settings\name\desktop\staging\paintdotnet_1330794059

Does someone have the same prob?

How do i fix this? does it need a genious to do so?

I managed to fix it :)

In all seriousness though, it will take a while. First of all, run the installer. Now, rename the staging file that Paint.NET just created to the one it just made.

Run the installer again. Now, it may come up with some other errors, but I can't remember those.

If you can get it so it actually works, it'll then say there's a filetype missing, the "DdsFileType.dll" plugin. Now, I got a copy of that from a friend, or you might be able to find it for download somewhere.

Even after this, you'll get errors, so, find a copy of PDN V3.0 (I'm being serious), and install that, and then it should upgrade fine.

That's how I solved my problem.

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