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This is some of my work since i started using paint.net they are all cell shades. The first ones are from when i just started and the last one was very recent im currently a member in the Zarosaki manga coloring/restoring program (for more info http//:www.zarosaki.com/forums/index.php)

heres a couple pictures


This one is a scene from the Naruto Manga episode #1 I have colored then cell shaded naruto but not the background.


This one is ok....i guess it looks 2d lol


i edited the last image a bit


sorry if this pic is too big

and now i consider all those previouse images bloody potato i hate them..... i like this one i recently did


done this one randomly


DoNt PlAy ChIcKeN WiTh ThE BuLlEt LeT ThE BuLlEt PlAy ChIcKeN WiTh U

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