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How to? Darken, Lighten, Coloring

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how can i make shadows (darken) or light (lighten) parts of an image.

I think like a brush and the spots that i "brush" get slowly dark...

i dont know the name or keywords of these techniques, but i think you know what i mean.

If i brush an area, i cant coloring it, i just overpaint(??) it.

How can i for example coloring on a grey image eyes blue, but keeping the dark and light values?

It is like "curves" but not for an area, but for my brush.

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I can think of no good reason for there to be one, when one has the capability of using blending modes. There's infinite possibilities when you use blending modes...you can duplicate the same layer a number of times, and use a different blend mode on each for some spectacular results.

But if you think it would be a good idea, then feel free to write one...someone else might agree with you.

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