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transparency as overlay

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I searched for transparency but did not found my special problem

I want to draw objects with fading effect. Simple. But:

For a 2nd or 3rd variant, I want to be able to quickly change the colour tone.

So I thought i could define in a group with 2 layers, the base with the object without transparency at all and somehow in 2nd only the fading informating (fading transparency). Filling in a different colour in layer 1 should result in a faded differnt colour tone for the output


Is this somehow possible? Can I add only the alpha channel?



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You can try to use Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation... to change colour tone. However, it will change the colour of the whole layer, so put only the objects you want to modify into one layer. For fading transparency, you can try to use transparency mode in gradient tool to help you.


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Thx for your hints

As far as I understood there is no Option to define a pure transparency definition overlay (say White with different transparency), which can be added or multiplied to another specific layer?

Probably you would require layer Groups like in PS, but this is not (yet) supported, right?



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