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  1. Hi I ve searched a lot but I think I do not have found an answer to my problem, so I have to ask: I originally imported a psd with ~20 layers. They are all "solid" coloured without alpha. As top layer I´d like now to add a specific layer which adds alpha in specific places. It all gets exported as dds finally, and the alpha becomes later an information for glossy look. I can not set alpha in all 20 layers below, it must be added as top layer info in specific image regions, so it should add by the layer merge mechanism to the final resulting image somehow. Is this possi
  2. Of course I need tif. It would be ok ( for me at least) to ignore the custom tags when saving (save without them), but saving them WRONG what gives me errors trying to load the tif is an issue.
  3. Hi There is an issue saving custom tiff tags: "double" array changes to "undefined" (see "orig" tag attach to "saved"). Note: Double Arrays are saved with field_passcount = TRUE, first param before data is fieldcount! (e.g. libtiff: TIFFSetField(PTiff, MY_CUSTOM_DATA, 5, Data)) I can not say whether it happens also for a single double or other Array data types. I added a tiff with custom tags so you can try out. Best regards Stefan test.zip
  4. Thx for your hints As far as I understood there is no Option to define a pure transparency definition overlay (say White with different transparency), which can be added or multiplied to another specific layer? Probably you would require layer Groups like in PS, but this is not (yet) supported, right? BR Stefan
  5. Hi I searched for transparency but did not found my special problem I want to draw objects with fading effect. Simple. But: For a 2nd or 3rd variant, I want to be able to quickly change the colour tone. So I thought i could define in a group with 2 layers, the base with the object without transparency at all and somehow in 2nd only the fading informating (fading transparency). Filling in a different colour in layer 1 should result in a faded differnt colour tone for the output Is this somehow possible? Can I add only the alpha channel? thx Stefan
  6. thx for showing me some workarounds, i still think an export function as explained would make sense to work straight ahead Best regards Stefan edit: note that undo changes format to paint format, for pds I need to select again in saveas. So a lot of unwanted actions must be executed
  7. Hi I´m new to painting and run into a Little nuisance trying to Change a Skin for a game object. The template is as usual a PDS, the Output must be a dds. So I Change something in the PDS with all ist layers, hit saveas and store it as dds. NOW: the changes in the PDS are gone because in the current document for the dds the layers are merged and the doc presents itself as dds. The PDS doc is gone. I allways Need to save the PDS before (if I Forget bad luck..), and I Need to reopen the PDS afterwards. Both is a nuisance. Can I operate better? My Suggestion:
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