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Keywords in photo.

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Greetings SolaraG.

Are you speaking of metadata? The inclusion of additional information about the image, such as date taken/modified, with what model camera, author, bit depth, so on and so forth.

Can I also suppose that by 'keywords' you mean the alternate term tags? Certain phrases associated with the image for use with cataloguing and the like.

If 'yes' is the answer to one or all, then no, Paint.NET cannot add this information for you. You will have to manually do this via Windows Explorer: find the image/s wherever it may be located (My Documents, My Pictures, etc.), right click the image > Properties > Details tab then edit in the information in the appropriate section.

If nothing of the above applies to you, could you be a little more specific with what you mean, please? Perhaps someone else here already knows what you want, or will with more description.

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