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uploading negatives

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Hello there - this is my first post and am glad to have found you all ... Like many before me, I hope to upload my favourite 35mm negatives and edit the pictures in Paint.net. I have read what I can in this site, and linked recommended sites, and understand that I need to upload to 3000 dpi. My scanner is a Umax AstraSlim SE - If I must get another, can someone point me in the right direction, please? I am also wondering what will happen - Do I have to upload my negs one at a time (ie cut the strips?). Where is the button to change the images into positives? Is this a good idea, anyway?

All ideas welcome ...


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If you scan your negatives in you can scan as much images at one time as your scanner allows you. If you save the scanned image on your computer, just open it with PdN and cut and manipulate your photos to your liking.

Press Ctrl+Shift+I to gain the photo out of the negatives (or Adjustments >> Invert Colours).

Watch the plugin section (viewforum.php?f=16) for plugins if you didn't already. All the good Effects and Adjustments aren't preinstalled in the program you have to add them by yourself. You need WinZip for this.

Here are some of them I quickly found, which might help you.

Shadow / Highlight Recovery

Ed Harvey


HD Photo

Bait's bolts

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