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If you read this Tutorial you will see just one of the many, many uses of layers in a way I can't explain. Read other Tutorials to find more uses.

A very basic use for layers is to make a collage. Just like a real collage if you put something on top of the space below it, the space below is still there, you just can't see it (because of the thing you put on top). However, if you say 'Holy moley, what was I thinking when I did that', you can delete or hide the layer you don't want. In collage that would mean remove the bit you didn't want.

If you did this with one layer it would override the pixels underneath. Back to the collage explanation. If you took a photo of you backyard and then wanted to add a yellow circle to it but before you added it [the yellow circle] you removed the area where the yellow circle would go. Then you continued you work for an hour or so. You look back at the yellow circle and think 'Nah I don't want the circle anymore' but because you cut out there area of the circle when you remove it the part is transparent. So much for that hours work.

There's more info in the Help guide. And change your title to something more descriptive like 'Advantage of using multiple layers compared to one?' It's in The Rules

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