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Horizontal scroll hides window (History, Layers) tools

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I have a laptop that allows both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

Quite by accident, my thumb brushed the horizontal scroll to the right while my mouse was positioned over the buttons at the bottom of the "Layers" tool window. The entire row of buttons ("Add new layer", "Delete layer", "Duplicate layer", etc.) "slid" down off the bottom of the window and were gone. I had to close and reopen the toolbar (F7, I think) or switch away from PdN and back so it forced the window to redraw.

Not a major bug, but I thought I'd report it with as detailed steps as possible so see if others can reproduce it.

Anyone else have a laptop with horizontal scroll? This only appears to happen when scrolling to the RIGHT. It doesn't appear to do this when scrolling UP, DOWN or LEFT.

This is using version 3.35 (downloaded the latest stable release a few hours ago).

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