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Program having seizures?


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I have no problems with this program until recently. Whenever I try to switch between two pictures, it flickers like it's a strobe light, and says it isn't responding (which is true). I don't know what caused this to start randomly. I opened it after not using for a little bit, and it started doing this. Out of nowhere. I don't think it has anything to do with my rig, since it's worked flawlessly before all of a sudden. I am on a laptop. But again, it worked before no problem. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Or something like it. I did try reinstalling it, but that didn't work. 

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Feeling confident about your laptop does necessarily mean that is reality.  It would really be helpful to yourself to investigate all possibilities.  Everything is subject to failure whether it be a car, a blender, or even a laptop - and we never know when something is going to give out or begin to fail on us.


The symptoms described would lead me to believe there may be a video issue.  This doesn't necessarily mean that your video is bad, but it may be that it is having resource issues, which could point to something else entirely depending upon the machine's configuration.


Other than the symptoms, we don't know if you have built in video or are using an add-on video card.  Further, we don't know what dimensions you are presently dealing with.  Neither do we know what may be running in the background of your computer or what version OS you have.  There are many things that I am trying to point out which may lend itself to determining if in fact something is taking away resources that the program needs to operate efficiently.


Even if we disregard this as a possibility, did you clean your computer between installs?  Meaning, did you first uninstall the program, clean/remove all the files and folder, clean your cache, restart your machine and then reinstall?  If you have effects downloaded, I would copy this folder to the desktop before removing all the programs files so that you won't need to download them again.


When I uninstall programs, I use CCleaner to clean my computer.  I use the usual method of uninstalling (uninstall through the control panel), then I run CCleaner using secure file deletion (overwrite 3x) to remove everything (files and folder and other temp files in the computer).  After cleaning the computer's files/folders, I then clean the registry with CCleaner.  After all this, I restart the computer and then reinstall the program that I'm having issues with.  All of this is done to ensure that the new installation is exactly that, a new installation and that no older files that may have become corrupt exist any longer.


If you have never used CCleaner (or similar programs) before and are unsure about what you may be doing, I would suggest you find a friend who may be a bit more savvy to assist you.

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