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Suggestion: Swap selection cursors

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When I select something on the workspace and press M I'm in the "Move Selection" mode where I get 8 handles to resize and move the selection.

It confuses me each time that when I place the cursor in the middle of the selection to move it I get a resize-cursor (arrow) and when I grab a handle I get a move cursor (hand):


I think those should be swapped to make working with selections more intuitive.

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I see your point, Gambo, but as said by yourself, when you come to 'grab' the handles the hand-modifier cursor appears. I would want to see a hand appear when I go to grab and drag the selection, as I would in the real world with my real, life-like hands when grabbing and dragging.

On a similar note for the move cursor, the cursor you see when moving the selection is the exact same cursor design as on the Toolbar, which so happens to be named the Move Selection/Pixels tool. Therefore, when I come to move the selection, I want to the see that same icon which matches the action to the tool. If you see where I'm coming from.

From what I can determine, each respective cursor matches its duties appropriately, and I could not imagine it exchanged, nor see a need to.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

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