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Two New Center based distortion ideas for Pdn 4.0

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My First idea


I thought of the above UI idea before on Another Topic. While I still think it's a brilliant idea (just quietly :wink: ) I remembered something barkbark said

Or you could get rid of the sliders all together...
I thought this was a crazy idea (not in a good way). If I got my vertical axis right and I didn't know which of the number boxes was which I risked losing my perfect place. Then just today I thought about it again. What if the simplistic functionality of the sliders were still there but the sliders were not. For example you could hold control then left click and drag to go vertical and shift (I used shift for horizontal because when you're zoomed into an image and the scroll bar appears at the bottom you use shift and scroll to move horizontally) then left click and drag to go horizontal (and obviously just left click and drag for both).

My Second idea


Basically the same as the current GUI but with a bigger box (for more accuracy) and a button to hide the choose center options (for more viewing space).

My Third idea


This idea is a full canvas one that could either be like that save window (maximized of course) or remove the availability of the toolbars (and add the effect functionality) then restore them when 'cancel' or 'ok' is clicked. This is sort of like a GIANT square (again more accuracy) and obviously a lot more viewing space.

Notice how the horizontal arrow clicky things are rotated 90degrees and how the status bar tells you about how to use the effect. And as usual the outline of the center chooser would still have the white outline on it I just didn't put it on there.

I would love to see any other UI creations that anybody else has thought of for v4 of pdn. Thanks for the idea barkbark :D ! Please comment your ideas, say what you like about the ideas and why etc. (Man I'm hungry)

Edit: Not hungry anymore, a few spelling errors, added words at the bottom of the big one, added little clickable images, better explanation of second idea, added first idea picture, and other stuff

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