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Guitar Tutorial

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Seeing a photo does help immensely.

I started one, and it wasn't terribly difficult.

Do the outline of the shape with the line tool using bezier curves and aliased lines. On a new layer fill the shape with the color of your choice, and run basic antialias on it to get nice smooth edges. Then run drop shadow down and right about 5 pixels to give it some depth.

On another layer you can use the rectangle tool for the neck with 'filled shape' selected. Then use layer>rotate/zoom to adjust the twist radius so it looks like it tapers. Select the neck, and on a new layer, render diagonal lines at 0° for your frets.

After that, use line/curve tool again to make the headstock, and then you just need to make the strings.

For a different graphic on the face, you can fill in the body with a graphic of your choice, or put the graphic on a new layer and use blend modes.

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