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Editing Text in a layer

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I have been using Paint.NET for a while, alongside Photoshop. It's a brilliant problem considering it's free. I've been using only Paint.NET on a laptop I have because I do not have a license for Photoshop, and wanted to give Paint.NET a real go as my main image program.

Anyhow, on to my question :)

I am trying to make some buttons for a website I'm building. I created the main button image. I then added a layer to put the text on. I then added the text as required. But as soon as you "commit" the text to the layer, there appears to be no way of editing the text. Therefore, when I want a new button with different text, I'm having to open the pdn file, delete the text layer and add a new text layer for the different text. This obviously has its drawbacks, as finding the exact pixel where the text was previously placed is not easy.

In photoshop you double click on the text icon in the layer panel to highlight the text for that layer. Is there not an option for this in Paint.NET or am I missing something?

Many Thanks


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