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painting in selected ellipses/circles

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Paint.NET v2.61 (Final Release build 2.61.2277.1999)

I selected an elliptical region, and then painted in the region with the paintbrush. If I color in the region on the first click (that is, I select the region, change tools, then color it in without clicking outside the selected region or releasing and reclicking the mouse button while coloring), then the region colors in correctly. However, if I click outside of the selected region with the paintbrush tool before coloring in the region, or if I release the mouse button while coloring and then start coloring in again, the color goes outside of the selected area on the top left of the region and does not fully cover the inside of the region in the lower right , as though the program thinks the selected area has shifted up and left 1 pixel.

Brush size/color and selection dimensions do not seem to matter.

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