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paint.net doesn't list my default printer

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My default printer is not listed when I go to print from print.net. Why? All other programs list my HP laser 1012 printer but not paint.net. I don't want to install it because it's already installed. What can I do? larryg

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What is WIA? please. I've even tried reinstalling my HP laserjet 1012 while in Paint.net. No luck. I simply can't use the program if it won't allow me to print with my HP 1012. Any other suggestions? Thank you, larryg

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Paint.NET's printing interface is provided entirely by Windows. Unfortunately, this means that there is nothing Paint.NET can do to alleviate this problem. You can try using MS Paint or the image viewer in Windows, but it probably won't make a difference.

Also, WIA stands for Windows Image Acquisition. It is for scanners and has nothing to do with printing.

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