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really nubby question

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Hello dragonacher. Welcome!

Two things:

1) your problem can be solved in a multitude of ways, including:

  • - the
Magic Wand - select away at any part of your image dependent on the tolerance setting;
- Cutting Out Images the Easy Way tutorial - explanatory within the tutorial; a relatively quick and easy solution;
- alpha masking (plugin | tutorial) - follow the same steps as the above tutorial except you create a mask at the end of it and use the associated plugin. Depending how well you create your mask, you can produce some professional-looking cut-outs; an absolute winner with some users.

Once you've cut out what you need to, add a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ) to your preferred background and paste, moving the new object by the Move Pixels tool ( :MoveTool: ).

2) according to the Rules, your topic title breaks #6 as it gives absolutely no definition to what you're asking for. A good topic title clearly indicates to users what you're enquiring after and a user who is more attuned to the request is more likely to help out. 'really nubby question' doesn't tell anything, does it? Imagine if the entire forum was littered with 'help!', 'need an answer'. Ludicrous it would be, utter madness. And a pain to search for previous topics of interest.

Because of the above point, I'm going to have to go ahead and lock your topic.

This is nothing personal and we'd be more than pleased to see you back again soon. :)

Topic locked

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