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  1. @Rick Brewster thank you @david.atwell I've read your reply, I quite understand what you mean and in the same I waited the reply from the dev. anyway for example, when writing some software (for example f**bar2000), I'm sure it won't be capitalized even only on first character also, many software reviewer write and respect the name of Paint.NET, keep it with right spelling. well that's what I noticed. I'm sorry, maybe I'm just kind of idealist even I concern this small issue. Let's stop discuss this matter, I think. I believe you guys know more than me and do the right thing. Despite of that matter, I really love this software but I'm still noob Keep it going and thank you for developing this great software. Paint Bucket, Magic Wand, and Shapes still do
  2. @pdnnoob yes, I know that I got the answer. when it's related to name of product, I guess it's quite a big deal (maybe licensing case for example). sorry, it's not like I make an offense here, I just need answer yes or no related my question. if lowercase version is a stylization for the logo, personally I'm okay with that. thank you
  3. actually I have asked this before. did you decide to change the name to "paint.net" for v4 or later?
  4. tbh, I can't wait for you to release v4 as soon as possible pardon me, I would like to ask something -about the name of this software, it is "Paint.NET" or "paint.net"? as last version(3.5.11) using "Paint.NET" and this alpha and also the logo of this forums using "paint.net" -about use this as default editor on some formats, I still can't get it working on Win8.1, though I can't remember if it worked or not actually on Win7 -I also realize title of window looks smaller (it seems only happen when open image) -it still make history eventhough tools don't touch canvas. Is that intended behaviour? thanks
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