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  1. I feel positively oogled. Thanks for all the ideas and help. Here were my other comparisons (G rated) and yes, I think the gaussian blur effect might work!
  2. <snip> <snip> <snip> <snip> OK guys thanks for the help. Think I got it (think, think, think...) It's not as err, "feathery" or soft shadow fade as I would like but it's workable less you know how to blend the edges of the shadow better. Here's examples from both places. Kudos for recognizing my user name She's been a favorite of mine forever.
  3. >.< The one I DL a couple posts up is an example of what I'm trying to accomplish with your plug-in. I did that one on Picnik which offers the drop shadow too.
  4. Yes that's it but when I click Drop shadow it applies it to my image as the exact same size. No bleed on the sides. Is why I asked if there was a tutorial link in the first place. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Humm, maybe this drop shadow isn't the effect I was originally looking for if this is the case. IDK need an example of yours to see. What I was after is like a shadow border around a solid image that I can then, if I choose, lay on top of a solid border.
  6. Hi Kris, thanks for the drop shadow effect. I was wondering if you have a vid tutorial or another thread somewhere on how to use your effects step by step? Thanks, I've been playing with them tonight and haven't been having much luck.
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