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  1. JasonB


    Hi, I'm trying to make a sculpture (photo of one) look like it's made of chocolate. I searched the forum, and this is the only "chocolate" match I find. I tried the color flip/rotate, color balance described here, but I don't get the color she gets above. (We are not starting from the same place...) I tried playing with the sliders (color balance), but nothing looks at all like chocolate. Btw, I selected the same option in color flip/rotate as above. I didn't try other ones. Thanks for any help.
  2. JasonB


    Oh, never mind. I see "BoltBait" in small print on her example image.
  3. JasonB


    Hi. Can someone help me out? I don't have adjustments->Color balance (her instructions). She lists it in the plugins ("Colour Balance (Adjustments)"). Which of these plugins (from the pdf index) does she mean? Color Balance (BoldBait); Color Balance MIX (DeathStar); Color Balance+ (dpy). I'd rather not have to install/uninstall all these to find it. Thanks. (I'm using paint.net v.3.5.4)
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