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  1. I have been annoyed with trying to create a theme and controller image to use with Xpadder, so i would like to see if anyone else can do any better. Rules: Controller image and theme must be made to fit together and must be created the same size as the images below they must be seperate pictures and the buttons should have places to go. This probably means very little sense to you if you dont have xpadder, and i also probably sound like a complete n00b (beacuse I am) but please try your best, posibly learn a little bit more about xpadder in order to make the theme and controller image. Also xpadder does not support transparency. The template for a theme and an image of my controller (it has four trigger buttons, 2 on each side)
  2. My Wonderful first sig, painstakingly made with 100% Paint.NET
  3. Ah, the Wonderful first post.... Well, here it is. EDIT: This was, however painstakingly made COMPLETELY with Paint.NET
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