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  1. I get that same bug at random, but more with low color .bmp images than with low color .png images (they do it too, at random). Luckily, so far it's frequency isn't frequent (for me). Another bug that I get is that if I use the custom number of colors option on a picture that has several thousands of colors, & I choose 256 colors, it'll sometimes give me fewer than 256 colors instead. I consider that a minor bug, since if I used FastStone Image Viewer 4.6, & use it's option to reduce an image to 256 colors, it will reduce it to exactly 256 colors.
  2. I use 2 image viewers: "FastStone Image Viewer 4.6", & "XnView for Windows 1.99 (with all but one plugin that was buggy)". FastStone is my first choice for everything except animated gifs (it won't fit them to the screen even in fullscreen), .jp2 (Jpeg 2000) images & .wdp (JPEG XR) images. FastStone can't view or even detect .jp2 images & .wdp images, so I have to use XnView to view them. (I'm not sure if XnView will view .jp2 images either, because I can't get the Jpeg 2000 plugin for PDN to work.) Anyway, I want to know if there is any way to make FastStone detect & view
  3. My paint-dot-net = 3.5.10 portabLe (from Liberkey). My OS = Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. My laptop = Gateway NV50A. My CPU = AMD phenom II X2 N660 dual-core processor. My graphics card (either that or it's my graphics chip set = ATI mobility radeon HD 4250. My RAM = 4 GB DDR3. My hard drive = 500 GB, WDC WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1 ATA device. My CD/DVD reader & writer = Optiarc DVD RW AD-7585H ATA device. My monitor = Generic PnP monitor. My sound devices = ATI high definition audio device, Realtek high definition audio. My usb game controller = Logitech rumblepad 2 G-UF13. I didn't b
  4. Could you put your .dll into a zip file for those of us who use an internet connection that bans downloading most things?
  5. & it should be common courtesy to not shout. Now all you need to do is to demonstrate that what I did actually was shouting & not using a work-around for the italicize tags, & you might have a better case against me.
  6. @pdnnoob Caps are easier for some of us to use than the italicize tags, so just interpret caps as such rather than attempting to take un-intended offense. Besides, my first post made it clear that what was deleted was the old version of PDN. @lila If you mean a small/portable version of PDN 3.5.8, I can PM you a link to it. You should be able to run it as long as you have one of the supported Windows systems. I've heard that you can use Mono or DotGNU to get PDN to run on non Windows systems too, but I haven't tested that myself. @Rick The portable version that you refer to has to be sand
  7. I most definitely did NOT delete ANY .Net framework. Most people can't even FIND the .Net frameworks on their computers without a lot of searching. (I know where they are, but that's not my point.) I knew exactly where my old version of PDN was installed (in the program files section), which is where I deleted it from. Besides, if I DID delete one of the .Net frameworks, a PORTABLE version of PDN wouldn't work either, unless I installed Mono or DotGnu as a work-around (which I haven't done).
  8. OS = Windows 7 home premium 32-bit version. To whoever is supposed to answer this kind of question, I have a request. (For the rest of this topic, I'll refer to Paint.NET as PDN.) I have made a portable version of PDN 3.5.8 (it only took about 5 minutes & zero programming). I know that there is a VERY big need for a portable version of it, so that would be extremely useful & appreciated by a lot of users of PDN. I too needed a portable version, because I couldn't install a NON-portable version of it, read next paragraph for why. For anybody who doubts that anybody would genuinely N
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