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  1. Wouldn't install, I got a message about resource being unavailable, or something. Doesn't matter, I'm happy with the previous version.
  2. I've got the idea now, thanks to all of you for your help. There's one more trick that I was shown in Photoshop, and that's to remove part of a picture, (I know how to do that) do some alterations in the removed part, and then merge it back into the original. So, in the pic I attached to my first post, if I wanted to change the colour of part of the light blue background, can I do this in Paintnet? I know I could draw a black line to make a boundary of where I want the the different colours to be, flood fill one part with a new colour and then use the paint brush to get rid of the line, but in a more complex image this would be difficult. In PS you can remove part of a pic, work on it, and then put it back into the original with a perfect fit.
  3. Thanks to both for your help, but BoltBait, the method you mentioned does require the magic wand to be applied to each area where the colour change is wanted. The method Pratyush mentioned works on every area you want the colour changed.
  4. Met a guy who'd Photoshop on his PC, and he showed me a few things it does. One feature was that he could select a colour that appeared in several places in an image and change that colour to another in one action. with no need to use the colour fill tool. To make this completely clear about what I mean, in the attached image, which is a drawing of mine that, after scanning, was coloured in Pnet, the woman's coat and hat are blue. With Photoshop I could change both the coat and hat to another colour in one action, and even if it were a picture with one colour appearing in many places, all would be changed in that action. I should have asked him what this process is called. Is it possible to do this in Pnet?
  5. I've never had a problem editing the corners before overscroll, I zoom till the pictures big enough to work on detail. As for the floating windows, if one is in the way I close it, and reopen it later. I click for closing, one to reopen, simple. The greater part of my image editing isn't done on PDN, but I still use it as it has one feature my favourite editor doesn't. But overscroll is such a pain I'll look for an alternative, Pixr Desktop looks a good bet. I'm not complaining, I never do regarding free software, I'm grateful to those who supply it to us. Rick may sometimes feel a bit frustrated when, after he's put in a lot of hard work on new features, some of us say we don't like them. Still, I expect he appreciates feedback, even negative, if presented in a reasonable manner.
  6. Here are my thoughts on Paintnet, which I hope are thought provoking. First let me say that Paintnet is a brilliant image editor. I used 3.5 for several years and was happy with it until I tried to colour large bitmap files and found it kept crashing. So I tried Photofiltre, and it handled the largest of files with ease. It also had some other pluses, like it was lightning fast. opening and saving instantly, had more effects than Pnet, some actions. like cropping, were easier, and it had a spray, which is a wonderful way to apply colour! So PF became my main image editor, and then the update 4 of Pnet arrived. I had difficulty with the colour fill and magic wand, but help from a member on this forum helped me learn how to manage them, and these facilities are awesome! But I have no use for them, and they are a nuisance to me. There are advances in Pnet I like. such as the anti-aliasing. which is really sharp, and I always use Pnet for this now. But PF remains my main editor, it's the best for my needs. So. this is not a criticism of Pnet, but a comment, an expression of opinion. PF suits me best, so it's the best image editor for me. The best editor is the one that suits the user needs best. And if I may make a suggestion Rick, next time you do an update, add a spray!
  7. Well, at the moment I've got two image editors! We've had an interesting discussion, and I thought it might interest you to know why Photofiltre is now my preferred editor. I'm not saying it's better than Paint Net, for each of us the best editor is the one that suits our needs. I'll I tell you why Photofiltre has my vote, as I'm sure you value feedback. My primary reasons for liking Photofiltre the most are, 1. It can apply colour with a spray. This simple tool is wonderful, you really should consider adding it to PaintNet. 2. Text can be added at any angle. 3. It has more effects, quite a few more. And there's a few minor bonuses, like Photofiltre is lighting fast, loading and saving instantly. None of this should be taken as criticism, and I'm sure you'll accept it in the constructive manner that's intended.
  8. @Cc4FuzzyHuggles, Thanks for your reply, it helped me understand the matters I'd raised. The video you gave a link to made me see how some would find the new bucket fill feature useful, but my requirements of an editor are simple. I create drawings in black ink, scan and colour. No complexity is needed for them, so having to fiddle with the controls is a nuisance. It'd be nice if there was an option to use the previous method. Have you ever thought of adding a spray feature? It's one of the main reasons I increasingly use Photofiltre. Maybe there's a Paint Net plugin that does this, i don't know, but I like to confine myself to what's ready loaded, rather than hunt to see if there's a plugin for a feature I want. Especially as when the next upgrade occurs the plugin may not work any more.
  9. I've used Paint Net for a long time, and I hate being negative about a free programme, but I'm not impressed with the latest issue. As others have said, the zoom tool is in an awkward place, and the dropdown list of percentages, which I used a lot, has disappeared. But what I really don't like is the colour fill tool! I couldn't work out why the colour of sections of picture kept changing, Eventually I discovered you have to press the 'finish' button when you want to change colour, and that I find ridiculous! I've been using Photofiltre a lot, it has features Paint Net doesn't and is much faster, especially so now the aforementioned finish button has been added. Photofiltre will be my main image editor now, and I may uninstall Paint Net. So sorry I've nothing good to say, but I am grateful for the use I've had of Paint Net for last few years, and judging by this thread most are happy with the update, so maybe I'm a lone voice of dissent.