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  1. Hi, I didnt change anything within his "files" - all i did was pack it the right way so when you unrar it it will go directly to the right place instead of the need to unzip and copy/paste. His files stays untouchable. I didnt think i need his permission to do so.(do I really need??!) and I'm preety sure it will be granted if I'll ask. Anyway why are you so brutal ??
  2. It wouldnt let me upload an .EXE file. so I upload an MP3 file - dont know why it's looks like a torjan - it's simple SFX rar file.
  3. תודה רבה על ההשקעה. הוספתי קובץ התקנה/פריסה אוטומטי בהנחה שהתקנת הפיינט שלכם היא בכונן סי. שנו סיומת ל EXE Edit: Link removed, as per comment below