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  1. Crowdin username: YaronSh Language: he-IL I already have an older version of the translation so I can upload it and keep working.
  2. Is DirectWire supported under Windows XP? Meaning that version 4.0 will work on XP fluently? BTW I added a Hebrew translation to Pinta for Linux and now there's finally a version that has full RTL support ☺, can you please take a look at it and see if you can possibly create an RTL mode for Paint.NET as well? Kind regards, Yaron Shahrabani.
  3. Hey Rick! Some friends noticed that the text tool does not support RTL languages meaning that mixing Hebrew and English text together making the text almost unreadable. I'll explaing a little about that issue: Hebrew, Arabic and several other languages are written from right to left, as such there are several adjustments that should be made, unicode has a special definition for characters that are written in that direction, punctuation symbols are context related, lets say I want to write some text and the general directionality is LeftToRight, it should look something like that: .Some Heb
  4. Hebrew speakers?

  5. ההסברים בעברית בהמשך... לא להתייאש Last night I looked at my MediaFire account statistics just to find out that Hebrew PdN file has 220 Downloads, I couldn't beleive my eyes so I logged into the forum just to find out that the same file has 191 Downloads! Well assuming that I was thinking about less than 50 this is a pretty big number, so I decided it's time for me to update the translation and so I did, this time my translation is packed along the other resource files as a whole package In order to install the package just go to the folder where Paint.NET is installed (Usually C:\Progra
  6. And I really appreciate you for this! But my next problem is how do I merge the translation of 3.20 into the translation of 3.36, the file structure have changed and all the XML diff tools work exactly like the normal diff tools on XML files... Any suggestions?
  7. I already have the 3.5 .NET framework What I don't have is the appropriate resgen.exe, I just can't find it using the search terms you provided or any other search terms I have the older resgen.exe but it is not usefull because the file won't decompile with a weird error I would love if someone could please tell me what packaged should I install from the SDK so this tool will be installed or if someone could simply just send the file over to me... Best Regards to all helpers, Yaron
  8. שמח שיכולתי להיות לכם לעזר הייתי שמח לראות שיעור כזה לדוגמה, מאוד מסקרן אותי האם זה אפשרי? כמו כן, אשמח לסייע בכל סוגיות שיעלו בעת השימוש בתוכנה כולל התקנת תוספים I appreciate your comment (Just to be fair to all none English speakers: The last comment by mmk stated that thanks to my translation there is a graphics class opened in an Israeli School (Elementary I guess), In reply I stated that I'm very glad that my work had been helpful to them and I asked if I could participate in one of their classes just to see what it is like, I also offered help in maintenance and installation of pl
  9. Rick, can you please post the English resx please?
  10. Thanks for the informative reply i'll sure keep in mind about these... at the meanwhile im trying to put my hands on the 3.36 english resx which I can't find (I thought about getting it from the sources but because of the license violation it might not be available that soon) Anyways, I hope there will be a new version of Hebrew anytime soon Best regards!
  11. Rick, as far as I figured, the source is currently unavailable due to license violation The reason you need a license in the first place is for law enforcement If someone broke the law he should be sued Maybe you should sew and furthermore, that will give you some extra credit for your fine work I know this is ugly but, hey, you haven't done it all just so that someone else will still it from you Please, take the lead, we are all behind you!
  12. Im sorry If there's already an answer to that on the forums But how do I update the language file (I translated 3.20 and now I want to adjust my translation to 3.36) And I really don't feel like copying the strings manually or translating it all over again What should I do? Best Regards, --- Yaron, Hebrew translator
  13. The Hebrew translation was updated, the new translation can be found here התרגום לעברית עודכן וכעת ניתן למצוא אותו כאן Hi there! I decided that this wonderfull app should be also available in Hebrew Installation instructions: Place the PaintDotNet.Strings.3.HE.resources file at the same directory as the PaintDotNet.exe file That's it! And now in Hebrew: הוראות התקנה: יש להעתיק את הקובץ PaintDotNet.Strings.3.HE.resources לאותה התיקיה בה נמצא הקובץ PaintDotNet.exe זה הכל! בהצלחה! Some issues requiring the developer's attention: Hebrew and Arabic are both semitic languages wr
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