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  1. Probably have to download the update and reinstall, upon reinstall of update should be able to get repair option. modify, or install. I think sometimes it has version of Framework reading config issue....Like given when installing older versions, i needed to install and older framework. And i didnt need too. Was weird. Dont think have the latest. Which might be 4.0 or so, idk. 2 i think remembering correctly is the last ive left off on....maybe 3-3.5. Sometimes i think apps or programs that require the need of whatever updates grab them for themselves, if that makes any sense. Cause you
  2. Yea, most programs probably do use all 2G of memory at once, and having the program then take what you are saving to hard drive save and free up memory within your memory, is probably limited to how applications you have running. And given that the CPU needs to process whats running while, storing to drive and ram at the same time while also taking any inputs. Cause even though you have say 2G run, and maybe even a dual core 1.2ghz process. Your bit rate is probably half to say per hertz. Im not sure excatly. Given that Netbooks probably dont run off 110volts they might when they arent plugg
  3. As long as you have a printer hooked up and config with your computer, you should be fine, cause the program should run off defult, unless you like have more then one computer, or you have to connect to one through a network or something. Have to dail-in or what not. The Wizard comes up mainly seems like to me anyways, is if the program doesnt recognize that it has a printer hooked up to it. Cause the Paint program, should have a printer setup of print within its options for no need of wizard. Wizard should come up most on first intial installs and prints, and thats it if that.
  4. Right, k..got older uninstalled right...found version left off on which is 3.0 not 2.0. My mistake. What other versions that was in use after 3.0 till now i dont know. Finding out now. All versions downloaded though now install and uninstall as needed. 2.1 and 2.6 still give me problems though which is weird cause i was using 2.6 before i was posting in the forums as of late, but yet still was using a version higher earlier in use. which was 3.0. I cant find the say newer versions on disc anywhere so far, so downloading the newer version didnt look right. Downloaded newer older versions, and
  5. The older versions of installs with get removed from newer install but the reinstall of older versions from newer installs of the newer versions removes features from the previous versions. And some versions dont have uninstaller with them. Or installer on one. All worked until i downloaded the latest version. Even if you dont have the previous version for downloads, can there be a way to at least be able to get an installer package for the program for older versions?? And uninstaller packages. The older version of install i was using doesnt have the install package with it or uninstall. D
  6. I had always seen Macs or Apples the same way, more into like graphic designing and etc. Idk why either. Otherwise might be better getting a tablet for making images and etc. Might be just an old tech trend of use still in some trends today. Just kinda varies perhaps in what universities, or schools, or even group builds use for business or projects. Idk, but is weird though. Now more like if you can find the program for whatever OS you fairly covered for paint and/or images use. External devices might vary from time to time. Apple has iphones and such. Ipads. Probably more design uses on th
  7. Well given that Paint.net latest downloads are as good as previous ones, when will the newer versions of paint.net have the features in previous versions? Given of course that the previous versions have been released at some time and the work involved has already been done, with whats not in the latest versions what could be expected in the newer releases? Honestly sometimes i think its and industry trend but hey, with it though is still the thought of whats coming out next in the newer releases, even though previous versions dont have much room for comparison on this one of course, since
  8. I was wondering if there was any older version of paint.net open for download. The newer version i hadnt quite used for awhile and given that its an additional program of use from the original paint program to additional features of use, i was just wondering where those had went to in the newer versions and if any continued develpoment of progress will be put into those areas. Since the newer versions seem to be a backwards direction from the older paint.net versions. Ive read the other posts but known really state much of anything to why at least any features of the older versions let alone
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