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  1. I'm not sure how I can contact them. Their Contact Us page is so confusing.
  2. I really don't want to mess with the registry, because, as I said before, I'm not very techno-savvy.
  3. Here are screenshots of every program included in the Windows Installer Clean up utility, as well as a screenshot of what windows version I have and the Service Pack level i have:
  4. I don't have that on there. I'm trying to install it, along with Paint.NET.
  5. How do I know what is left on there? I'm not very computer-savvy, as you can tell.
  6. I don't have 3.5 installed. I'm trying to install it with the Paint.NET program, which is still not working.
  7. You don't get it. I'm actually trying to INSTALL it. How can I use a program on something that's NOT installed?
  8. I did what you asked, and I don't see it. Is it supposed to be there?
  9. I tried installing the new version of Paint.NET, 3.5.8, but I still get the same problem. The setup will get to 10%, then stop and close the window.
  10. I tried running the installer again, and now it works fine. The only problem is that during setup, it'll get to like 10%, then stop and close.
  11. I tried downloading it again, and reinstalling it, but I still get the same error message. I'm starting to think I'll never be able to reinstall Paint.NET.