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  1. OK, I'm back again. I set the dimensions in the box on making a new document. I set them at 16.4 centimetres and 22.6 centimetres to allow for 3mm bleed all round and 5mm all round to include crop marks outside the image area. When I chose to view it actual size, the image wouldn't fit on the screen! I checked that I hadn't inadvertently altered the dimensions by pasting in something larger, and the dimensions were still set as I had entered them. But the image is HUGE. I knew it was not just the display which was going crazy because when I came to type in text for the document I was trying to lay out, it needed 95pt text to be readable - and even then it wasn't that big. I don't understand what's going on. When I print that image, even though I have unchecked the box to make it fit to the page, I get an almost A4 image with a very small border - and it is a lot smaller than the "actual size" image on the screen. I'm perfectly happy to believe I'm doing something stupid to cause this to happen, but I'd be grateful if someone can work out what on earth it is I have done....
  2. Thank you for all your answers. OK, I understand not to mess with the resolution if I want my dimensions in centimetres to stick, and I understand that the print resolution is something separate from the number of pixels. I had assumed that dots per inch would somehow translate to pixels per centimetre in some logical way which would allow me to convert one to the other, I hadn't realised that they were entirely divorced from each other. I'll leave well alone and stick to setting my dimensions in centimetres!
  3. I'm probably being dense. I'm trying to set a canvas size to A5. I can see that I can set a size in centimetres, but the problem I'm encountering is that if I want to reduce the number of pixels from the thousands, it changes the size of the canvas and is no longer A5. The two things seem to be linked together and I can't work out how to be able to set the canvas size and make it stick....
  4. Thank you! That certainly seems to have brought things back to normal :-).
  5. I was offered the update, which I accepted. Downloaded without a problem...but, on opening it after downloading I found it very laggy and unresponsive, taking several attempts to open drop downs etc. It crashed with an unhandled exception after I had saved my picture.. but didn't save, and then was unresponsive even to closing down. I'm on a laptop using vista, in case that's of any use to you. How do I roll back to the previous version? Fee
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