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  1. COFFEE *drools* As long as it's got caffeine and isn't too hot, it's mine
  2. Because you seem to be the only one bothering to keep this thread alive. I just gave up when I saw noone would appreciate this thread for the utter genius it is.
  3. I HATE YOU. (j.k) Airplanes, probably a 6/10. Catchy, yet the video lets it down. Just plain boring. MORE KILLERS! (csm, you can't reply to this one).
  4. Sorry, but that song has no catch, no hook, just boring. 4/10. Try
  5. Wow, thanks a lot. This is my new wallpaper Great tut.
  6. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is my favourite word. N00b. Oh, and BTW, thanks csm for making this thread. I'll bet the D-man is annoyed
  7. You told me about it, it was my own self control that stopped my arrogance getting better of me and choosing myself.
  8. How about we post normal posts, and then at the end, in spoiler boxes, we put school stuff! (If you bother to read them, a lot are inside jokes. Hidden Content: Hey, you have blue eyes too!
  9. Not reaching the ground. Midgets are always tiny They can do nothing (The last line is meant to mean that they can't do anything about their size, not that they can't do nothing.)
  10. I told you. Remember... Anyways, love Invader Zim
  11. So you decide to post something, Cam. Good on you!
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